Filed on 23 / 05 / 2017
€ 982
€ 6.000
€ 8.000
15 Co-financiers
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Agradecimiento en la web
Mención de agradecimiento en nuestra web
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Contributing € 30
Agradecimientos en catálogo impreso + poster digital del mural elegido
Mención en los agradecimientos del catálgo Envio de una imagen digital en alta calidad del mural elegido para su impresión
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Agradecimientos, poster digital del mural elegido, catálogo digital
Agradecimientos en el catálogo, poster digital y catálogo digital
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Mención especial, catálogo digital, 5 posters digitales
Mención especial en el catálogo Catálogo digital en alta calidad para impresión 5 Poster digitales de los murales elegidos
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Catálogo impreso, polera del evento, poster impreso, menciones especiales
Se envirán: Catálgo impreso Polera del evento Poster del mural preferido Mención especial en el catálogo y en el video documental
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About this project

The “OLA” is an urban art movement in Bolivia that seeks to perform interventions in the cities of: La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz. The objective is to highlight the cultural diversity of the country and national and international talents.
Material Minimum Optimum
Compra materiales de pintura
Compra materiales de aerosoles, pintura latex, brochas y rodillos
€ 3.000
Infrastructure Minimum Optimum
Alojamiento, alimentación y transporte de 15 artistas
Alojamiento, alimentación y transporte de 15 artistas en las 3 ciudades por 20 días
€ 3.000
Alquiler andamios
Alquiler andamios para realizar murales de grande dimensiones
€ 2.000
Total € 6.000 € 8.000

General information

The “OLA URBANA” is a mural event that was born from an alliance between the three most important cities in Bolivia in order to strengthen urban art and the cultural diversity of the country through the promotion of national talents and the circulation of international artists. The works included in this event will be carried out by the surrounding neighborhoods in the cities mentioned before with the aim of making art accessible and of enhancing and redefining stigmatized zones.

It is important to emphasize that urban art in Bolivia has been a success thanks to the local visual tradition and the intense work of different groups in the country. And that, at the moment, this event features works created by outstanding artists recognized at the worldwide level. To mention just a few, we want to highlight: INTI, BLU, ERICAILCANE, DECERTOR, BASTARDILLA, whose contributions have enabled the transformation of Bolivia into a reference point for this discipline in South America.

Main features and goals of the crowdfunding campaign

1.To call on 9 national and 6 international artists to complete 2 murals each. 30 in total, divided between the three cities involved.

  1. To intervene with 30 large murals the departments of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. 10 works per department.

  2. To carry out research work shared between the participants and the local institutions, in order to reclaim and capture in the murals forgotten elements of the cultural and ancestral identity of each department.

  3. To use a circulation system of national and international artists in the different events and departments, within a temporary period of one month.

  4. To design spaces for creation and coexistence between national and international artists to promote the exchange of knowledge.

  5. To develop three training workshops with high school youth based on a self-training system in the platform of active citizenship, to positively value the local identity (see training component).

  6. To spread the productions of the young participants through social networks and web pages, as an incentive to self-train.

  7. To document in photographs the creative and formative process in the three departments.

  8.  To design and to print a catalog with the complete record of the process.

  9. To document through audiovisual means the creative and training processes in the three departments

  10. To carry out a strategy of diffusion in web networks and web pages of the photographic and video material.

  11. To make accessible the graphic and audiovisual material to public institutions for their use for cultural and tourist promotion purposes.

Why this is important

To strengthen the urban art movement in Bolivia, promoting reflection on issues of cultural identity by intervening in three departments, in order to translate elements of Bolivia's diversity into large-scale murals, redefining peripheral neighborhoods and involving the inhabitants of those same neighborhoods.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

  1. To strengthen the alliance and give continuity to the three  emblematic national events dedicated to urban art: Bienal de Arte Urbano (Cbba.), Manifiesto Urbano (Sta. Cruz) y Street Marka (La Paz).
  2. To reclaim elements of the ancestral cultural diversity of the country and capture those in murals in the national territory.
  3. To optimize the circulation of national and international artists to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge
  4. To promote a process of self-training and alternative validation of knowledge through urban art for adolescents between the ages of 14 and 16 years.
  5. To contribute to the touristic promotion of the cultural wealth of Bolivia inside and outside of the country through dissemination through communication strategies and new technologies.

Team and experience

The alliance between the three cities is formed by the groups that organize the main urban art events in Bolivia.
Proyecto mARTadero, Bienal de Arte Urbano, Cochabamba, www.bau.martadero.org
Arterias urbanas, Manifiesto Urbano, Santa Cruz, www.facebook.com/manifiestourbanobolivia/
Ojo Cerrado, Street Marka, La Paz, www.facebook.com/graffiti.bolivia/

Social commitment