Goteo #177: Visibilizing, understanding and acting

🌟 To visibilize: make visible by some procedure or device that what normally cannot be seen with the naked eye.

📬 In this newsletter we will talk about projects that have set the objective of "un-covering" what remained hidden. And by them, to give us the opportunity to understand its importance and get down to work to act.

Reboiras: Acción e corazón 👨💙

💥 At the dawn of August 12, 1975, the last mortal victim of the Franco dictatorship in Galicia was murdered.

💔 Ramón Reboiras Noia, with only 25 years of age, received multiple shots from the police on the 27, Terra de Ferrol street. Ramón, a waiter of nationalist convictions, was a prominent member of the clandestine UPG, and connected with broad sectors of Galician society such as trade unions, cultural and political scenes.

📽 Fundación Terra Tempo is producing a film about his life that will be released in 2020. The aim is to honor Moncho and all the people who were killed in the anti-Franco struggle, contributing to the right to #Historical Memory and the #Democratic Footprint that we also promote in Fundación Goteo , to which we dedicate the article: Historical memory as a common good, whose reading we recommend.

Thanks to contributions like yours, his memory will reach the new generations 👉

Punto Crítico 🔎🌐

🤔 How can we appreciate what we don't see? Punto Crítico is a media that was born to diagnose the pitch of information before telling us "what is happening".

📏 His proposal is to measure the parcel, incomplete and, therefore, human perception of those who are dedicated to telling others (say journalists), to analyze the point of view and context in which they make that narration.

🎩 This project wants to take the rabbit out of the hat to tell us where the poor creature came from and where it can go once they have explained us the trick.

Come in and collaborate 👉

Pensa Lugo

🗞️ Pensa Lugo is a local newspaper that was born to offer you truthful and proven information where there is room for reflection. We live in times when there is a lot of information and nevertheless the truthful contents are inaccessible. Times when you have to make an active effort to contrast news to find out what happens.

📝 To this day, Lugo lacks a Lucense information medium independent of the institutions and interests of large companies and banks. Pensa Lugo does not have, nor does it wants large capitals to back him up. It will be autonomous, non-profit and wants to be financed only through those who read it, as well as collaborations with cooperatives and small businesses that share ethical criteria.

❤️ Give them a hand to start, if you also believe in leisurely journalism, with social and free commitment to private and institutional capital

Make your contribution here 👉

The Sextruck

🚐 Imagine a caravan that arrives at an educational center or a festival and is planted for a week to open its doors to the entire community offering a space to question, exchange opinions and discover things related to sexuality, affectivity and feminisms.

🌞 Well, it turns out that this summer Magranes promotes the project "The SexTruck", a pedagogical caravan where everything related to that beautiful way of showing affection between people ... goes on wheels! ⁠

❣️ In this space we will talk about contraception and menstruation, you will have a library with a specific choice of related titles and there will be audiovisual projections with quality resources.

Go into 👉 and join this revolution!

Happy summer (yet!) 😌☀

🌴 Part of the team have already returned from vacation and we hope that you have also enjoyed at some time (or several!) the gift of a fleeting freshness on a hot afternoon, as well as a bath on the beach or the mountains during this summer.

🍂 Keep enjoying who you can and, for lovers of autumn and its beautiful falling leaves, remind you that it is almost here. We leave it here for today and hope to meet you again in a couple of weeks.

Until next time! 😉👋

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place


Our projects

Un novo xornal para Lugo Un novo xornal para Lugo

By: Pensa Lugo

Independent journalism

Pensa Lugo: debullando o día a día

€ 1.425 received

20 days Remaining

Excavación del Mosaico de La Estaca Excavación del Mosaico de La Estaca

By: Mosaico de La Estaca

Creating culture

Excavación arqueológica del segundo mosaico romano de la villa de San Martín de La Estaca en Las Regueras

€ 9.030 received

33 days Remaining

La Casa de la Luz crece: homologación y ampliación del proyecto educativo La Casa de la Luz crece: homologación y ampliación del proyecto educativo

By: Centro educativo La Casa de la Luz


Apoyo para la homologación de La Casa de Luz, un proyecto de pedagogía activa en el municipio de Tarifa

€ 3.331 received

32 days Remaining

Neix la comunitat d'aprenentatge Vidalba Neix la comunitat d'aprenentatge Vidalba

By: Comunitat d'aprenentatge Vidalba


Ajuda'ns a adequar l'espai per a un projecte d'educació viva a Montserrat

€ 3.625 received

17 days Remaining


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