🍄 Goteo #161: Beginning the year with our feets down to earth 🐾

After the long holiday season (especially in Spain), we are eager to share with you our latest news.

As you will have notice, Goteo is becoming more and more rural 🐌, with many projects committed with food sovereignty, the ecological transition, repopulation and the strong conviction that the taking care of the land is key for our present and future. Though the people 👩🌾 working in the rural environment always have it more uphill than the rest: abandoned areas, no access to public or private investment, an increasingly scarce population... We invite you to meet some of the most recent initiatives, projects that are worth knowing, spreading, and why not, visiting. A New Year's resolution?

  • 🥗 Hortigas Agroecologic Cooperative, dedicated to the production of vegetables, promotes social transformation in the area of ​​Granada through the cultivation of orchards, barter and mutual support groups. They are seeking support to distribute their production!
  • 🐝 Etxebarria Baserria is a self-managed collective from Bizkaia, which in 2010 recovered a farmhouse for the cultivation of vegetables, beekeeping and the artisan production of bread. Food sovereignty is the main axis of their project, and they need your support to build a new bread oven and ensure the sustainability of their project.
  • 🐂 "La casa Vieya" Cheese Obrador, the project of a family from Asturias to make a living pastoring in the Picos de Europa and achieve the first certificated Gamoneu ecological cheese. You can taste the excellent Gamoneu and have a walk in their pastures with just a donation of 25 euros.
  • 🏞 The recovery of Iscles, an abandoned village in the province of Huesca, where the new inhabitants have been working tirelessly to recover homes, gain access to water, live on the harvest and the animals and, as they say, celebrate and live together. The town grows and their next project is a school for the little ones 👶👶👶, this is reversing demographic trends!

If you are lucky enough to be in Asturias on January 17th and would to know first-hand the experiences of other rural projects such as Kikiricoop, Fungi Natur, La Huerta de la Esquina, Microquesería "La casa Vieya" y Creando Futuro, you are invited! Check here all the details.

💥 A quick and important reminder 💥

If you are a fiscal resident in Spain, your donations to Goteo Foundation are tax-deductible: if you donated in 2018, remember to complete your tax information in your user profile. Therefore you can download you certificate and we can share the information with the AEAT.

And if that was not the case, you can start donating today :) Good projects are not missing!

Greetings from the Goteo team

In order for us to continue our work so that more civic initiatives take place

GreenPower Jesuitinas
By: Colegio Jesuitinas Bilbao
GreenPower Jesuitinas
Categories: Educational
El origen del **proyecto GreenPower** es la creación de un ecosistema para el desarrollo de los ámbitos de la Ciencia, la Tecnología, la Ingeniería, el Arte y las Matemáticas (STEAM en inglés), en el que las niñas, niños y jóvenes aprenden haciendo proyectos y reforzando los valores humanos del** trabajo en equipo** . **Aprender haciendo** significa desarrollar competencias técnológicas potenciando al mismo tiempo la creatividad, los valores de compañerismo, la capacidad...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.560 _ Optimum € 12.672
Remaining: 10 days
Inclusive Schoolyards
By: Equal Saree & Friends
Inclusive Schoolyards
# **The future of the public spaces passes through the schoolyards of today! ** Schoolyards are the first public spaces for children. However, in these spaces there exist exclusion phenomena based on sexual stereotypes and gender based hierarchies. If we observe schoolyards of Barcelona and Athens, we can see that approximately 80% of the schoolyards are *"football-centric"*. As a consequence, the children with more energy and confidence conquer most of the playground, while those with less...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.190 _ Optimum € 8.190
Remaining: 4 days
Espai de l'Harmonia
By: Carmen Gascón Marín
Espai de l'Harmonia
Categories: Social
**Con este proyecto queremos mejorar la calefacción de la casa de forma sostenible, ecológica y respetuosa con el medio ambiente. ** L'ESPAI de l'Harmonia es un proyecto cooperativo y social, creado con el objetivo de promover la salud y el acompañamiento en el crecimiento personal. Una casa de retiros donde se realizan, programas de salud y talleres de crecimiento personal, pensado para acoger personas, familia y grupos que compartan esta visión de salud y desarrollo. **Los Valores del...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.882 _ Optimum € 5.412
Remaining: 5 days
Salvemos lo Ferris, defensa legal
By: Salvemos Lo Ferris
Salvemos lo Ferris, defensa legal
Categories: Ecological
Ayúdanos a **afrontar los gastos de defensa jurídica derivados de la lucha por defender el paraje natural Lo Ferris en Torrevieja (Alicante).** Actualmente nos enfrentamos a una demanda penal y a una desproporcionada fianza por denunciar la usurpación de un camino público y el vallado de una vía pecuaria en un paraje natural, localizado en la costa sur de Torrevieja. **Hemos trabajado duro para poner puesta en valor y protección de un paraje natural único, patrimonio de Torrevieja...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.000 _ Optimum € 6.000
Remaining: 10 days
Geografía de mi cuerpo. Poesías de resistencia (Guatemala - Barcelona)
By: Veusambveu Editorial
Geografía de mi cuerpo. Poesías de resistencia (Guatemala - Barcelona)
Categories: Cultural
Un encuentro fortuito en las calles de Poble Sec, Barcelona. Una** voz alta y orgullosa** que se extiende por el barrio. Hojas de papel arrugadas, que sin duda ya habían visto otras calles, otras veces. Así es como empieza la historia de **"Geografía de mi cuerpo, Poemas de resistencia Guatemala - Barcelona" de Ana G. Aupi**. En este libro se oyen las voces de América Latina y de **las luchas ecofeministas**. Estas voces son gritos de lucha y también susurros íntimos, pero siempre...
Co-financing: Minimum € 3.040 _ Optimum € 3.840
Remaining: 3 days
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